5 Signs the Market is Recovering Fast | Trulia Pro Blog

5 Signs the Market is Recovering Fast | Trulia Pro Blog.

Fantastic article! The local Longmont market, and all surrounding areas for that matter, are smokin’ hot right now! It reads, in part…

1. Both asking price and rents jumped 5 percent from last year
2.  Mortgage rules got a renovation.
3. Delinquency & foreclosures are at record lows.
4. 93% of Millenials plan to buy.
5. Investors rush in.

Another sign that we’re on the way to a high-paced recovery is that investors are making major moves to capitalize on today’s opportunity.

A recent story from Bloomberg covered how Blackstone Group, the largest U.S. private real estate owners, sped up it’s purchases of homes to try to beat out fast rising prices.

This is a sign for on the fence buyers to start their hunt before the weather heats up and they face more competition than they can handle.


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