Always play it safe when showing your house

Good Neighbor News Letter Vol. 9 No. 6 (June12) – Always play it safe when showing your house

Always play it safe when showing your house 

A For Sale sign in your yard lets homebuyers know your house is on the market. Unfortunately, it also opens the door to people who have no intention of making an offer. The safest thing to do is be smart and send random visitors to your real estate agent. You hired one to handle these types of situations, so letting them do their job adds an extra layer of safety during the process.

Some safety precautions are common sense, such as never let a stranger into your home unless there’s an approved reason or the visit is by appointment. No matter how eager you are to sell your house, if a random person or someone claiming to be an agent shows up at your door, tell them to call your agent. Besides representing you and making appointments with potential buyers, the reason hiring an agent is important is because they can check the buyers’ prequalification before showing them a home. This way, the two of you can work as a team to determine realistic prospects.

Just as many agents are warned not to show houses by themselves, neither should you. If your agent is unavailable, ask a friend, relative or neighbor to be with you when someone is looking at the house. Also, never tell someone you can’t show the house at a certain time because you won’t be home. Tell them you’ll be busy then and suggest a different time when you’re not rushed and will be able to control the situation. When appointments are made, be sure to identify all visitors. During open houses or appointed visits, agents often insist that everyone sign a guest registry for professionalism and to show that they’re on top of the security situation.

Regardless of when you show the house or how many people are expected in a certain timeframe, it’s always smart to lock up all valuables. Even though real estate agents have a certain comfort level with most buying prospects, it’s impossible to screen all lookers. And even though agents are responsible for securing your house when they leave after a showing, they might have forgotten to lock a door or secure the garage, so check for that immediately when you get home. In addition, doing a quick scan to see if anything is missing is also a good idea. That way, if something is, the timeframe can be narrowed down and the likely culprit has a better chance of being apprehended.


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