Bottom Line ~ Price It Right And It Will Sell!

Take this House and Sell It

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It’s so easy really…Price It Right And It Will Sell. Seven little words, but many homeowners can’t or don’t want to listen.

Case in point, let’s talk about homeowner “Bob”. Bob is a young professional who purchased his home at the top of the market. Unfortunate as that is, no one had a crystal ball, his house is worth less than when he purchased it.

Bob has a good job, he’s single, he doesn’t “have to sell”, but nevertheless, he would like to move to a different area. We know what he spent for the house, we sold it to him, and we know what it’s worth in today’s market. Bob considered all our advice, but wanted to list his house slightly higher than what he paid for it. We told him it would be a waste of his time, and although he trusts our judgment, knowledge and experience, he insisted on his listing price.

Although we do not like to take an over-priced listing, and have actually walked away from them, we felt that Bob was a previous loyal client and decided to take his listing, with the understanding that he will keep it at this price only for a short while, and then we’ll talk again.

Many homeowners are still a little slow to accept the concept that pricing is key to getting a house sold.  If a house does not sell quickly, it will probably have multiple price reductions before it does sell.

 Bottom Line Is…Price It Right And It Will Sell!


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  1. This is so true! I don’t understand why they just don’t listen. We are the professionals and know the market. A lot of times when you tell someone a certain price and they think it is worth way more… They go list with XYZ because they will take the listing. This only ends up hurting them in the long run. Days on Market can be a killer and they end up getting less because they didn’t listen in the first place! Thanks for this great article.

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